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Albert van Vuuren Profile Image

Albert van Vuuren

With over 40 years of practical experience in the field of Water- and Wastewater Treatment, Albert is always keen to share his knowledge and passion with Process Controllers. He currently acts as freelance Training Facilitator, Workplace Coach and Assessor

Dewald van Staden Profile Image

Dewald van Staden

Dewald currently holds a senior position at Enviro Metsi where he plays a key role in the successful execution of services offered by and completion of projects awarded to Enviro Metsi . He has been involved in the field of water and wastewater treatment for over 20 year and is registered as a Professional Natural Scientist with the SACNASP and as a Professional Process Controller with WISA.

Wilkie van Staden Profile Image

Wilkie van Staden

As one of Enviro Metsi's directors, Wilkie has dedicated his life to improving the way in which we operate and maintain Water- and Wastewater Treatment Works. His current involvement includes consultative work as well as the training of Process Controllers

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Enviro Metsi (Pty) Ltd, a company which, since its founding in 1995, has been dedicated to contribute towards the protection and improvement of our environment through design, operation & Maintenance and Monitoring of Water- and Wastewater Treatment Plants in both the industrial and domestic fields, welcomes you to our website


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